About Mentornet Online

Mentornet Background

Mentornet is a private learning provider, specializing in Education and Training Development courses. The company is fully accredited with the ETDP SETA to offer seven national qualifications and approximately 134 unit standard-based courses. If you are interested to find out more about Mentornet you can view the Mentornet website by clicking here.

Mentornet Online

Mentornet Online is the newest addition to Mentornet with the focus on Online Learning. Our aim is to make learning more accessible, enjoyable and rewarding while upholding the quality standards that Mentornet is famous for. If you consider the benefits of using the Mentornet Online website you should quickly realise that it will be a more effective, efficient and innovative way to learn.

No one can deny the impact that technology and especially the internet has on our daily lives. It is a shame that South Africa has been slow to adopt Online Learning as a valid and viable alternative to conventional contact based learning or distance learning. The reality is that Online Learning is possible now and the benefits are tremendously practical. These benefits will give many learners the opportunity to gain access to further education which would not have been possible otherwise. Full time employees, individuals living in rural and remote areas, individuals that cannot afford transport, learners living in other African countries (or any country for that matter), and many others can now study thanks to Online Learning.